Best tips on how to treat laundry stains

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How to Treat Stains

We all have our favorite articles of clothing, that we just love to wear. Of course, it is most annoying when your favorite item gets the worst stain. Usually,  it always seems to happen that way. Best tip is to prevent setting. Otherwise know as a forming a chemical bond with the fabric and water is best, if nothing else is available.

The first line of defense against a stain, is to immediately soak it in water, but hot, warm or cold, is the question? Well that depends on the type of stain.

Toughest Stains

 Coffee or Tea

First of all, blot off the stain with dabs and lightly, to remove the excess. And for this stain cold water is ideal. If this doesn’t work or work well enough use a spot stain remover immediately and launder.

Ketchup or Tomato Sauce

Heat will set in any tomato stain, permanently. So, soak the stain in cold water or vinegar and dishwashing liquid, if available, repeat if necessary but don’t put it the dryer until the stain is out!


If you are unfortunate to get the worst stain possible, mustard, you should scrap off the excess immediately and run under cold water. Then spot treat and quickly wash.


Immediately treat with baking soda or salt or club soda.  Unfortunately, wine dyes fabric on contact so immediate action for wine stains is required.

Grease and Butter

Use dishwashing detergent and a light scrub with a soft brush. If this is not successful, as a last resort,  you could try some wood soap and then launder.

Grass and Dirt

A toothbrush and toothpaste,  not gel, is the best treatment for this stubborn stain. A back and forth swishing motion is best and then into the washing machine with a dollop of dishwashing liquid for good measure.

Blood Stains

Sprinkle it with plain old table salt and with a toothbrush, swish one half of the stain back and forth over the other half.

Moreover on all tough stains that won’t come out or have dried, try combining lemon juice with cream of tartar, for a last ditch effort, home remedy . Wash it like normal, and those marks you thought would be there forever are hopefully gone.

Baby Clothes

Tips for baby stains

Try alcohol-based hand sanitizer for set or current stains.

Also if you wish to pass on or keep the baby clothes it wise to invest in OxiClean Baby Stain Remover.

With baby oil stains absorb with baby powder or baking soda and launder and with old stains you can try vinegar and baking soda.

A most important note for baby clothes. Skip the fabric softener-both liquid and sheets as this causes the fire retardant in baby clothes to loose the efficiency.

If all else fails Borax comes highly recommended by many sources a the best go to product for stain removal.

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