How to be a wise consumer

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You want to keep your money! Of Course!

We work hard for our money in Canada, which keeps us very busy! But I suggest, that in-order to keep most of the money that you earn, that you do your research. Before any mid to major purchase or before signing up for any service, research is the best protection. This is a must these days and with the availability of the internet it’s a breeze! Even with google, you can find the average price for the service ahead of time and be advised. Many times people will see the price and order the service and go no further with the investigation.


Appliance Repair or Buy?

For example, perhaps you have a broken appliance and you don’t know whether to have it repaired or to replace it with a new one ? Well, how old is it for starters? As well, what would be the cost to replace it with a new appliance? Or even, to replace it with a second hand appliance from Kijiji or somewhere? And then decide, with all the information that you’ve gathered, which is the most economical way to proceed.


Let’s Look at Service Providers Now

Regarding on-going service that you’ve ordered. Well, we all know how the original price seems to go up and up, monthly. Therefore, every month we find the need to call our internet, phone or tv service and ask “What’s this charge for, now?” Exhausting? Right. Well, when ordering the service, I recommend that you put the time in from the outset and take notes. Furthermore, request a copy of the agreement and pricing be sent to your email. This way it will be documented and dated for future reference and rather handy as well.


Entertainment and Devices

There is such a myriad of devices these days, and many new state of the art changes, that it’s hard to choose. It’s even harder to discern information and features of various products on line. Mostly because these may be new and innovative items that we are not familiar with. I suggest that your browse for any new tv or ipod or device, that you have in mind. Check the price and become familiar with the different features. Take some time with this as with all purchases and you will find that you will choose correctly. Think about why YOU need the device and what YOU will need it for. Taking pictures, printing and for tv’s is it mostly cable or internet viewing. This can be tricky business. Similar looking devices could have vast differences.  For example, on your PC the pixels are denser than they are on your television. You would wear out your tv sooner with a constant screen saver. There is a lot to compare regarding a device’s capacity, storage and function versus the price. It’s good to take your time here.


Emergency Services

So, of course in an emergency you won’t have time for many questions, sometimes, you will just have to trust the service people and get the job done. Otherwise, if time permits, head straight to the section on rates and read quickly but carefully. Check for the call out fee and the starting cost or any flat pricing. Be sure to check for any asterisk that will refer you to more information on the price. For plumbers or lockouts services and many other types of emergencies, having a go to list, ahead of time, for qualified and trusted emergency providers is ideal.


So, the general ideal that I am trying to convey is that of course you want good services and products but at the same time you want to pay the right price and make the best decisions for your budget!

Ultimately, keeping your hard earned money for the enjoyment of yourself and your families’ lives. Perhaps, a vacation or a new home is in your future? That would be hours well spent!


“We don’t buy things with money, we buy them with hours from our lives” unknown